WAAG is guided by the following Seven core values. These ‘pillars’ create the foundation of our organization, reflecting our core priorities and also the attitude and perspective we bring to them.


We deliver our service and conduct our business with clear, professional policies and procedures that take into respect client and staff confidentiality, safety, and well-being. We are confident that we are conducting business to the highest standard of these ethics.

We ask clients to try new things as well as using systems that are well-established. We follow up with each client, and we maintain and protect all personal information. We strive to be leaders in setting a positive example as an employer and a service provider. We are fiscally prudent and community-minded.

We hold ourselves accountable to our actions because we know that the way that we deliver our services and the way we treat our clients has implications beyond our walls.


We support the views of women and allow them to be heard. We give women a voice and strive to represent their interests if they aren’t comfortable or cannot do so for themselves. We also represent the interests of women as a group.

We work to create positive change and keep women’s issues in the forefront of the public and the government’s minds by bringing forward issues as they affect women in a well thought out, well researched, intelligent way.

We articulate our claims clearly and back them up with reason (facts). We are unafraid of standing up for and voicing what we think and know is right. ​


Although we have a unique image and exist independently in our mission and identity, we welcome collaborative relationships, both formal and informal with other organizations in the community. We believe that collaboration and inclusion are at the base of a feminist way of life, and accordingly, we seek out and appreciate many ideas and perspectives from internal and external sources in our community.

We believe that working with men and women, not for profit service providers, for profit businesses, local and higher levels of government will enable us to deepen our roots in our community in a holistic manner and expand our circle of influence.

We Also seek for Funders, Sponsors, partners from different sectors in funding and implementing programs that will enable women achieve our set Goals acknowledge the collaboration we do with other organizations and the kind of support that we have and that we contribute to our community.


Education leads to empowerment. We provide women with access to a wide variety of information so they can make educated decisions. A large part of our work is also to educate the community about women’s issues: safety, violence, and respect.

Through education, we are able to get ahead of these problems, by Empowering women through our Free Skills Acquisitions and training on our Online Education platform (WEI West Africa).

WAAG ,also promotes Genuine Opportunities that will be of immense benefit to Women Development via Empowerment.


We strive to increase the sense of self-worth and self-confidence of every woman that is connected in any manner to WAAG.

Our Focal area is attaining women Development via Political, Economic and Educational empowerment of women. This is why we provide a strong backbone for the community. We believe that every woman has the right to have her voice heard, and to make her own choices about how she lives her life.

We strive to empower women to have means of livelihood Support, engage in Governance and leadership positions Have access to all forms of information to enable growth ,WAAG help Women make these often difficult choices by offering them support, encouragement and resources.

We believe that this is the most powerful thing we can do for the present Woman as as an organization for the future woman Growth.


WAAG is a dynamic organization that keeps up with changes not only in our immediate sector of political, economic and education Empowerment of women but also in the evolution in our community. We take cues and adapt to these changes to meet the needs of women and to stay current with popular culture.

We are open to positive change and growth, we welcome ideas and feedback from anyone and everyone, and we strive to incorporate relevant feedback into our delivery of service. This empowers us to build a stronger community and stronger women


We are women and we are for women and Girls. Our mandate is to enrich the lives of women and Girls in the WAAG Community. To do this, we focus on issues that directly impact women. Although sometimes these issues may also affect men, our perspective and delivery of service will always be from a women’s perspective.

We also provide an ONLINE l-space for women where they can feel safe amongst other women and where they can access the services and support that women need and that women are asking for. We also work in the communities across the 36 States in Nigeria and West Africa with many different groups and individuals to serve one purpose: to help women achieve their potential in life. ​


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